Chairman Message

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The term 'health' is important to us. Not only because our activities are in the healthcare industry, but also because we believe that productive are relationships synonymous with healthy relationships: with our employees, associate and society at large. Since the very beginning of our operations we have incorporated "principles of health "into our company business behavior, choosing tested, safe products with proven therapeutic value to offer the community the best possible care at the lowest cost. We listen to the needs of our clients and are by their side with support on a daily basis. We rely on our management and personnel providing all members of our staff with the possibility to develop their individual creativity in a professional yet human environment where innovation and initiation are rewarded. We keep current with market trends and our activities are both flexible and focused. In a few words, we strive for a standard of quality in our daily life for all of us, on a professional, as well as personal level, to reflect health. I, personally, am much happier to see the smiling faces of a satisfied staff around me than the reports of increased sales.