Other Products


Phenytoin Na (antiepileptic drug)

● Satisfies all product security through ( production ,storage & usage ) .
● Is the cornerstone in the treatment of partial or generalized tonic – clonic seizures .
● Proven efficacy with excellent tolerability .
● Ensured availability & cost effective .


Imipramine HCl 25 mg

● Significantly increases both plasma and urinary ADH
● Restores a normal nocturnal ADH secretion
● Markedly decreases urine production
● Significantly decreases fluid intake
● Improves both psychological and behavioral symptoms
● Has excellent safety profile


Phytomenadione 10mg (Vit.K1)

● Effective and most potent form of vitamin K.
● Convenient single daily dose
● High safety margin even in large dose
● Chocolate taste provides fatty media that dramatically increases vitamin k absorption.